CINTRI, one of CINTEC’s branches based in Canada, was granted an exclusive agreement by Phnom Penh Municipality in 2002 on the provision of garbage collection services for the period of 49 years. At the same time, CINTRI also has been in the additional agreement of cooperated bills with Electricity of Cambodia (EDC). For the purpose of expanding its operation, CINTRI has acquired Sihanouk Ville to provide the same services under similar terms and conditions while the other two provinces are in the process of negotiation.

Keeping the streets of Phnom Penh clean and collecting the waste of city are not easy task. This is not so surprising for us that there are 6 waste management companies failing to operate a successful waste collection business prior to the arrival of CINTRI in 2002.

CINTRI is committed to delivering excellence throughout all of its operations. These include continual improving our operations through upgrading the equipment and staff training and maintaining customer satisfaction. The Company has a dedicated team of over 1,190 workers who work at night and day to sweep, collect and transport the daily waste of 1,200 tons from the markets, households, restaurants and commercial offices to discharge at the dumpsite where is situated about 16 km outside of the city.

Collection fees are an essential part of ensuring a workable waste collection services and the Company is progressively proving that the maximum value of money is provided to its clients as well as the nation as whole. The government’s rectangular strategy is being implemented by the Company through promoting tourism and trades, a long with creating job opportunities for over 1,190 skill and unskilled labor. With the fast growth of population, business activities and tourism, CINTRI’s job is becoming increasingly important for sustaining this growth.

CINTRI is actively working towards the achievement of government’s poverty reduction policy, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and is negotiating Carbon Credits with several security companies and World Bank in addition to looking forward to accepting new expertise partners in this industry.